Why I started my path to a cleaner toxic-free life

Μy journey towards cleaner lifestyle began in 2014 when I laid on my stomach and felt a mass. The following morning, I scheduled an appointment with my doctor which later revealed that I had a fibroid which left me with a 23-week size uterus…my uterus was the size of someone 5.8 months pregnant.

After receiving my diagnosis, and successfully removing my large fibroid and two cysts I started to research possible causes and preventative measures. In my research I found that many products that I used daily contained toxic chemicals and hormone disruptors that contributed negatively to my health. Now if you think I am talking reactions like skin irritation, rashes … I am…but I am talking so much scary, like infertility, cancers, birth defects etc.

It is through this knowledge that led me to read product labels.  It left me completely overwhelmed in the store aisle as I tried to decrypt the product ingredients, when all I wanted was something simple and effective. I researched how to make hair and skincare products which led me to creating Asili Living; this ensured that each and every product used nourished rather than harm my body.

Through this experience I started to be conscious of what I put on my body but also what I put into it. As such I work on eating clean, limiting environmental toxins, adding exciting fitness adventures to my regular workout routine and treating my health conditions through various alternative health practitioners in addition to my family doctor of course.

For me clean living is a lifestyle not a trend but being consistent in this lifestyle is where I struggle most. Since switching over my grocery bill have increased exponentially, eating out requires more thought and effort…but let’s be honest good things rarely come easy and with a bit more planning it becomes manageable.

I would love to hear about your thoughts, recommendations, struggles and experiences on clean living.  I hope to create a community where we support and motivate each other along this path of holistic health.

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2 thoughts on “Why I started my path to a cleaner toxic-free life

  1. Lamoy says:

    Hey.🙂 Thanks for sharing the reason why you started your journey. I’m happy to read that you were able to overcome that health issue and develop a brand of healthy non-toxic products. Well written post. It would be nice to read about some of the toxic ingredients/products to look out for in an upcoming post. Keep going🙂.

    • admin says:

      Thank you for your feedback and your suggestion for an upcoming blog post. I will certainly use your suggestions for one of my upcoming blog post.

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