Beauty and the Danger it May Play on Black Women’s Reproductive Health

As consumers, we often assume that beauty products offered to us are safe for us and our families. However, in 2018 I found out after my fibroid diagnoses that that belief was so far from the truth.  Many beauty products contain endocrine disrupting that plays a critical and dangerous role in our hormonal health. Endocrine […]


What is self-care?  Self-Care is the act of taking care of our mental, emotional, and physical health. The last 12 months have been a struggle and had an impact on my mental health.  Through my wellness journey and recovery I have been re-establishing self-care in my life.   There are simple things that we can […]

Why I started my path to a cleaner toxic-free life

Μy journey towards cleaner lifestyle began in 2014 when I laid on my stomach and felt a mass. The following morning, I scheduled an appointment with my doctor which later revealed that I had a fibroid which left me with a 23-week size uterus…my uterus was the size of someone 5.8 months pregnant. After receiving […]


  Asili Naturals launched in Fall 2017.  The journey while in its infancy has been a roller coaster with some amazing highs, lows and plenty of learning.  To my surprise and excitement The Nooks approached me to be their Featured #LovelLocal Maker for February. Please click the link below to learn how and why Asili […]