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Ultimate Experience Bath Set


Everyone deserves a spa like experience.  We have created our Ultimate Experience Bath Set to create an at home spa experience. Set the mood with a calming scented candle while you step into a healing salt soak bath that will melt all your troubles away. Complete your spa experience with our Elevate bath and body oil.  You can use this oil as a bath oil, a body oil or a fragrant aromatic massage oil.


This Gift set includes

1-200g Lavender Exhale Bath soak

1-200g Hibiscus Indulgence Bath Soak

1-200g Charcoal Detox Bath Soak

1-3.75 Bath Oil – your Choice of Balance or Elevate

1-6oz double wick cotton eco-soy clean burning Lavender essential oil candle

3-36g Exfoliating Mask (Powder must add water to activate)


Value 134.00




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